Why Use Us!

We have been working with Building Automation, Security & Communications integrators since 2002.

Our staff has over thirty years of experience in infrastructure design and installation.

We add value by supplementing the integrators field installation personnel by providing the "rough-in" with all cable, conduit, panels and field devices installed and terminated at the device end and at the panel end. 

Our Experience Shows!

We have vast experience in commercial and government entities performing projects for Building Automation - HVAC and Lighting, and security access control.  We install raceway, rigid and EMT piping, and low voltage power and control cables, Ethernet switches, building control, access control systems, wireless systems, barrier arms, gate operators and emergency phone units. We perform both inside and outside plant installations.

Corporate Skills

·    Install Cable, Conduit, Panels and Devices.

·    Install panels and devices for HVAC.

·    Install panels and devices for Lighting.

·    Install CCTV, IP and wireless cameras.

·    Install Access Control components.

·    Perform inside plant and outside plant construction for BAS, Security, Voice and Data.

·    Install camera pole and concrete base.

·    Perform trenching and boring.

·    Service parking lot lighting.

·    Install gate operators and barrier arms.

·    Install emergency phones pedestals and wall units interior and exterior.


·    Cabling practices outlined by BICSI® 

·    RCDD on staff

·    Contractual 24 / 7 / 365 emergency service.

·    Head-end and remote-end configuration for CCTV, access control and BAS.